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Flight Operation Management System (FOMS)

FOMS is developed to be a web-based and comprehensive system to assist flight training centers and schools to manage and monitor their operations effectively and timely. With FOMS, flight training resources and activities such as flight instructors, students, parents, stakeholders, managers are able to schedule, view flight lesson plan, view students progress, monitor financial, resource usages and timely reporting in a very systematic and efficient manner. It is hustle-free, simple, guaranteed data confidentiality and secured as FOMS has been designed, implemented and tested in accordance to procedures of preparing robust and secured software developed in Java and PhP.

Flight Academic System (FASt))

FASt is a sub-module application that is integrated within FOMS. FASt focuses solely on the flight academic learning management. Managing academic courses, reporting and learning records are much easier with learning management system. Clients who wishes to focus on the learning management system could choose this.

Staff Career Management (SCM)

Staff is one of important assets in an organization. In order for organization to grow, managing staffs career development is important. SCM is designed and developed as human resource system that specifically managing staffs carrer progress and development. SCM aims to help the organization top management to decide what is the best action to be taken with staff career development. Staffs personal data, current skills and expertise are recorded and easily available to be used for managing staffs career. Top management will be able to chart and manage staffs career easily.

Conference Management System (COMS)

COMS is a web-based system that systematically manage academic conference by handling paper submission, paper reviewing process, paper acceptance notification, and contains bulletin and information that are related to the conference. COMS license is based on subscription and targeted to be used by conference organizer particularly academic organizer.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

WMS is designed to systematically track and manage warehouse operation such as distribution, delivery and receivable goods. WMS includes a transportation and destination management in order to efficiently track distribution and delivery, when goods are going to be delivered and goods final destination. Inventory management is purposely developed to manage inventory history, list of goods, and list of suppliers, goods stock and storage and purchased goods. WMS aims to reducing the problem of managing and tracking warehouse operation while at the same time being effective and efficient.

Search Engine for Malaysia Incentive and Tax Rebate

Malaysia Goverment always providing an incentive and tax rebate for businesses in order to make Malaysia market attractive for businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to capitilize the initiatives provided since it is difficult and time consuming to go through the documents. The Search Engine for Malaysia Incentive and Tax Rebate aims to help business owners to search for any incentive and tax rebate provided by Malaysia Goverment. The results retrieved by the search engine will be filtered according to the business sectors. Business owner could easily identifies which incentive and tax rebate is closely related to their business. Currently, the search engine is used by Malaysia Service Provider Confederation (MSPC).

Online Multi-disciplinary Collaborative (OMC)

Sharing documents is important in current organization workflow. The problem in documents sharing is knowing the documents latest status. Online Multi-disciplinary Collaboration (OMC) system is developed in order to eleminate the documents' status problem. OMC is developed mainly to be used for document sharing between researchers expecially in different research area. OMC not only enables document sharing but also has the functions to view the task completion status, person who are directly involved with the documents, assigning and managing task until completion. Team leader or lead researcher can view and manage researchers involve with the research project more efficiently with OMC. Currently, OMC is used by one of UPM institute.

Training Information System (TIS)

Training Information System or TIS is developed for government agency in order to manage staffs training and courses taken when the goverment staffs still in service. Staffs training and courses are important and need to be managed in order to validate staff competency and expertise. Since the information of staffs training and courses are not properly recorded, staffs may be joining trainings and courses that they already taken which may not increase staffs competency. TIS keeps the records of trainings and courses taken by particular staff when the staff are still in services. TIS is designed to be able to track staff training involvement and would not allow the same staff takes the same training that is previously taken by the staff. TIS would be able to helps head of department to assigned staff into other training that may benefits the staff career and the department as a whole. TIS can assist head of department in analyzing and planning the department requirement and future outlook. Currently, TIS is used by one of Malaysia Goverment Agency.


Metocean system is developed for Universiti Teknologi Petronas in order to to used by Petronas Carigali. The main purposed of metocean system is to assist Petronas Engineer to analyst deep sea exploration in order to find new oil and gas well. Metocean system produces graph and related diagram by analyzing meteological statistical data. These data including sea condition, sea current, sea wave, temperature, and sea depth are used to determine the location and possibility of exploring the area to find new oil and gas well.

Foreign Workers Management System (FWM)

Foreign Workers Management System (FWM) is a system that is designed and developed for managing and keeping a record of foreign worker. Foreign workers profile such as origin countries, visa and passport expiration are recorded and administrator will be notified when visa and passport is nearly expired. The FWM system also included a payroll function and thumbprint attendance to systematically record foreign worker working days and absentee from working. FWM is complete system for managing Foreign Worker efficiently, effectively and systematically.